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My name is Heather Morehouse and I live with my husband, Ryan and our son Ethan. I grew up on this farm and after 23 years I moved back into my childhood home.  I am excited to start the next chapter of this farm that I hope to pass down to my son one day.


Our farm is located just west of Waunakee, WI.   My Grandparents Art and Doris Suchomel bought this farm back in the 1960's and started a Dairy farm.  My Parents Mike and Mary Suchomel took over the farm in the 1980's and continued milking cows then changed over to custom raising heifers. 


Both my grandparents and parents always grew huge gardens all over the property. I learned a lot from them about farming, caring for the land, appreciating what you have and the meaning of an honest days work.

My husband and I started growing vegetables and pumpkins with my parents awhile back and my mom started selling at the local farmers market.  Sadly, my mom passed away from cancer.  She was the glue that kept things growing for market so the year she passed was the year we stopped growing.  

My dad retired a few years later and we got the opportunity to move into the old farm house. I had this crazy idea to start our own little business.   My grandpa use to say "you can grow more plants in a crooked row".  That stuck with me and that's how I got the name for the farm- Crooked Row Acres. 


I wanted to start Crooked Row Acres as a way to honor previous generations that tilled the land before me. So many family farms are lost to urban sprawl and development and my dream is to see this farm running for many more generations. 



Grandma and Grandpa Suchomel


The Family farm 1980's

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